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Turnkey next generation data solutions to solve contemporary challenges

From IoT applications to data sharing & open data portals, quickly launch new data services with our Turnkey, easy-to-use data solutions. Effortlessly use data to solve contemporary challenges as it relates to Smart Cities, Circular Economy and Energy efficiency.

Next generation Open Data & Data Sharing

At Peclet we believe that Open Data should not be accessible by just a small group of data scientists and technical experts: data should be easy to consume by anyone.

That’s why we build next generation Open Data & data sharing solutions based on the turnkey Opendatasoft platform ,

allowing technical as well as non-technical users to utilise, visualise and interpret any data.

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Internet of Things

IoT allows cities and organisations to automate the collection of data from the physical world at a pace that was not possible before.

When it comes to IoT, too many organisations embark on complex IT projects.

We offer a turnkey approach based on the Ubidots platform to quickly

and effortlessly launch and scale IoT applications. This allows our customers to focus their resources on solving business problems rather wasting time on IT.

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Data Services & Monetisation

Too many organisational datasets are dormant and could be tapped into to create new data services for your partners and customers.

Using Opendatasoft we can bring all your corporate data to life via data cataloguing, self-service visualisations and data APIs.

We can also monitor usage amount of these new data services so that you can monetise them accordingly. Please contact us for more information.

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Smart Cities & Places

Smart Cities, Towns & Places bring the physical and the data world together to enable better planning decisions, reduce environmental impact and improve residents quality of living.

Based on our extensive experience on Smart City projects, we are able to offer an unmatched library

of re-usable components to accelerate your Smart City outcomes.
And because we strongly believe that Smart Cities and Open Data go hand in hand all our components are publicly visible – please visit our use cases page and learn more on:
− Traffic & People Counting
− Weather & Microclimate
− Air Quality
− Water Quality & Water level
− Smart Parking
− Smart beaches and many more…

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Energy Optimisation &

At Peclet, we believe that one of the highest priorities for most cities and organisations should be the reduction of their carbon emissions and energy usage.

We also believe that data should be used extensively to assist with solving this complex challenge. As such, we have built specific data products that allow for:

− Carbon Inventories development
− Raising public awareness on community Carbon emissions
− Monitoring and reducing fleet fuel and building electricity consumption
− Optimising solar installations
Visit our use cases page for more information

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Circular Economy &
Industrial Ecology

Industrial Ecology is a sub-discipline of Circular Economy. It is aiming at making the waste of some businesses the resources of others.

Our unique dataset of waste and resources of 800,000+ businesses, coupled with a statistical model, allow us to predict wastes and resources of all businesses in your local area.

This enables the identification of potential material exchanges between your local businesses, and is the first critical step in building a local Circular Economy. Contact us for more information.

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Our Platform

The one-stop-shop data hub

Bring all your data together in one place and make it easy to use for everyone. Collect & transform from any source, generate data APIs on the fly, automatically trigger actions and create beautiful visualisations to communicate with data.

Business Apps
3rd party APIs
Cloud Platforms &
Data Lakes
Open Data
GIS Systems
Internet of Things
Transform &
Visualise & Share
The One-Stop-Shop Data Hub
to generate value from your data



Catalogue & Search


Data Reuses

Our Services

The Peclet Virtual Bench

We are an extension of your team. We provide a range of services from data collection to visualisation, to assist you in publishing new data services and creating value from your data.

  • iconData sources research
  • iconData sources analysis
  • iconManual files import
  • iconScheduled files import
  • iconBulk files import (harvester)
  • icon3rd party APIs Integration
  • iconInteraction with data source providers
  • iconData transformation
  • iconData aggregation
  • iconData enrichment
  • iconMeta-data documentation
  • iconBusiness rules and alerts configuration
  • iconDevices inactivity monitoring
  • iconData analysis
  • iconData visualisation
  • iconDashboard design and configuration
  • iconData stories and Infographics
  • icon3rd party API support for re-share purposes

Monitor & Support

  • iconGeneral support
  • iconPlatform monitoring
  • iconDatasources monitoring
  • iconVendor escalations
  • iconService Desk and dashboard for tasks monitoring
  • iconGithub repository access
  • icon3rd party support for Ubidots / Opendatasoft API access
  • iconService ticket reporting

Our team possesses an extensive range of data management and domain specific skill sets

Data processing & architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Data analytics
  • Python
  • NodeJS
  • AWS Stack
  • MS Azure Stack
Front-end & visualisation
  • Graphic design / infographics
  • Dashboard design
  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript / Angular JS
  • Geospatial data
Domain specific expertise
  • Smart City use cases
  • Energy optimisation
  • Carbon accounting
  • Decarbonisation
  • Circular Economy

About us

Our Company

Peclet Technology (Peclet) was founded in 2015 by former Tier 1 technology consultants and data scientists, with the vision to develop and bring innovative IoT and data sharing solutions to Australia.


Our focus is around data, and how our customers can generate more value from their data by bringing it to life and creating new services from data.


We provide turnkey solutions that are simple to implement, and deliver most requirements through configuration, leading to accelerated project outcomes.


We thrive on applying our data expertise to solving contemporary challenges particularly in relation to Smart Cities, and how data can help cities in becoming more sustainable while enhancing residents experience.

You can meet our team on Linkedin.
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  • Address: Level 8, 31/11 York St, Sydney NSW 2000