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Achieve your Net Zero plan

We have been working alongside our clients collecting, analysing and visualising Energy, Utilities & Environmental data for many years.


Ready to see more?

Explore more about Community & Corporate Energy and Emissions projects


Ready to see more?

Explore more about Community & Corporate Energy and Emissions projects


The need for flexibility

We don’t believe in single use case platforms, and we’re disrupting the Corporate Energy and Emissions software landscape.

Our belief is that single use case platforms (i.e. specialised Energy and Emission platform which can only do that) are creating data silos in the organisation, are not scalable and are hindering innovation. This is the opposite of what needs to be done to support Net Zero as by definition Net Zero plans touch on many areas and require integration of an increasing range of datasets.

For this reason one of our key principle is flexibility, and our approach has been recognised by many awards.

The  most flexible Sustainability data platform in Australia

Our solution proposes a comprehensive set of functionality and constantly evolving, including:

Corporate Energy and Emissions:


  • Assets and Facilities electricity consumption and cost
  • Solar energy generated at client’s facilities
  • Solar vs. Grid consumption, avoided cost and emissions
  • Minute level Smart Meter electricity data, monitoring and alerting


Assets and Facilities electricity consumption and cost


  • Assets and Facilities water consumption and cost
  • Smart Meter water data, monitoring and alerting


  • Waste generated by client’s operations
  • Waste tonnage deposited at landfill
  • Landfill Gas recapture and energy production


  • Fuel fleet consumption
  • EV charging stations data and avoided emissions

Greenhouse Gas emissions inventories

  • Emission calculation from client’s facilities, assets and operations - scopes 1, 2 and 3
  • Emissions factors maintained in line with Federal government guidelines
  • Scope 3 emissions such as paper and refrigerants
  • Multi-period analysis and comparison

Internal vs. Public Facing dashboards

  • Internal dashboard for executives and facility managers
  • Public facing dashboard to report to your community on your progress towards Net Zero

Community emissions:

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  • Community transport, gas, electricity and waste emissions
  • Ingestion of data from key data providers such as Gas, Water and Electricity distributors, Environment and Transport state agencies
  • Calculation based on the GHG Protocol for cities (GPC)
  • Easy to understand public facing dashboard to educate your community on their emissions
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