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Solving the "last mile" of data access

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The need to create value from Data at scale

In a world full of data, easy and rapid access to the right datasets, in the right format, at the right time is critical to decision-making, efficiency, collaboration, innovation and transparency. However, matching data supply and demand is proving complex for most organisations due to:
  • The inability to provide easy and secure access to data assets for non technical users
  • The lack of tools to scale and foster data sharing, holding back data democratisation and hindering the conversion of data into value

Solving the “last mile” of data access requires a new approach

Organisations need to create collaborative, secure spaces where data assets can be easily found and reused by everyone: this is the aim of our data portal solution, whether used internally, with partners or open to all.

Our data portal solution, powered by Opendatasoft:

Presentation layer

Is a “presentation layer” to all your data, integrated with your data stack and allowing access to your data irrespective of where it resides

Simple to use

Is as simple to use as an e-commerce website through an intuitive interface that encourages users to interact with data and thus builds a vibrant data culture

One-stop shop

Provides a convenient and secure one-stop shop for the rapid discovery and use of trusted data assets


Meets key requirements around accessibility, data quality, data discovery, and encourage data reuse

One solution, multiple audiences: Open Data, Internal Data and Hybrid Data Sharing

Our Data Portal solution promotes Data Democratisation, internally and externally. It catters for different audiences whether for internal employees, partners, customers or the public via Open Data.

Open data & Transparency Portal

Few organisations consider data like an asset that can generate economic value. With an Open data portal, you can share your data with different audiences, demonstrate your transparency and reduce incoming information requests.

Internal Data Portals

Provide a single, easy-to-use platform, and share data assets with all employees. Benefit everyone with access to the data they need to do their jobs, irrespective of their technical skillset, and promote an internal data culture.

Partners / Customers Portal

Data can be too valuable, specialised, or sensitive to share openly with all external audiences through an open data portal. That’s why with a partner portal you can share data across a specific ecosystem. Use it to monetise data in the form of new data services.

Hybrid Portal

Run a single portal and partition access so that specific audiences or partners are able to view certain datasets. Enjoy easier administration and data management, while benefiting from flexibility of what data to share and with whom.

Essential features of our solution

A data portal is a lot more than just a data visualisation platform or a data catalogue. To deliver benefits to a broad audience, from data producers to consumers, from novice to experts, it should be equipped with an extensive data toolset.

The diagram below provides an overview of our Data Portal solutions key features:

Connectors to Data Sources
& Third-part Services
Supporting Multiple Formats
(CSV, JSON, XLS, etc)
Data Management
  • iconData Connectivity & Extraction
  • iconData Processing & Enriching
  • iconMetadata Management
  • iconData Storage & Search Capabilities
  • iconAPI Engine
Usage Analysis
  • iconData Lineage
  • iconAnalytics
  • iconUsers Management
  • iconSSO
  • iconAccess Management
  • iconBack-Office
  • iconWorkspaces
  • iconAutomation API
  • Content Creation

  • iconCode Editor
  • iconNo-Code Studio
  • iconLook & Feel

Data Portal

icon Search
icon Data
icon Data
icon Dashboards
& Web Pages
icon Data
icon Maps
icon Exports
and APIs

Difference between our Data Portal solution, Data Catalogue, BI/Data visualisation tools and GIS platforms

Due to its extensive range of functionalities, and overlap with other platforms, our Data Portal solution is often confused with Data Catalogue, Business Intelligence / Data Visualisation and GIS Platforms.

Here are the differences:

Data Catalogue Business Intelligence GIS platforms Data Portal
Main Purpose
Inventory Metadata

Data can be downloaded
for consumption outside of
the platform.

Data Visualisation only

No cataloguing,
governance or data

Designed for engineers to
catalogue and manipulate
spatial datasets

Tabular or Time Series data
can be added but this is
not core functionality of the

A one-stop-shop for all
Data Assets (spatial,
tabular, time series)

Designed to provide easy
access to data to everyone,
internally and externally

Data Experts
Internal Business Users
GIS Experts / Data Experts
/ Engineers
Power BI

See Data Portals in action

Visit some of the publicly accessible data portals we have implemented for our clients

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